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About the Event

The main goal of the Proteomics Society of India-International Conference on Proteins and Proteomics 2022 meeting is to provide a platform to discuss new discoveries, latest developments and applications in the field of health and agricultural sciences.

Keeping with previous meetings, this year's meeting will also feature sessions wherein new advances in the field of proteomics, especially advancements in mass spectrometry technologies will be highlighted.

After 2 years of online meetings, this year’s offline meeting will provide ideal platform for high level scientific discussion and sharing of ideas.

Current Perspective of Proteomics

  • Proteomic Techniques
  • Targeted Proteomics
  • Integrative Omics: Proteomics, Genomics and Metabolomics
  • Application in Diagnostics

Proteomics in Disease Biology

  • Proteinopathies & Neurodegenerative Disorders
  • Cancer, Cardiac and Metabolic Disorders
  • Clinical and pharmaceutical proteomics

Disordered proteins and proteomics

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Proteomics in Food, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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